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Saga Bauer

Saga Bauer is an Operational Superintendent at the Swedish Security Service.


She is astonishingly beautiful with her fair skin, slender neck and clear blue eyes. Often she entwines colourful bands into her long, blonde hair. Most people who meet her the first time feel almost weak, as if something is breaking up inside. She carries a Glock 21 in a shoulder holster under an unzipped track suit top with a hood, stamped with the name of Narva Boxing Club.


In Sweden everyone knows about the legendary fairy tale illustrator and artist, John Bauer. His younger brother was Saga’s great-grandfather. Oddly enough, Saga is rather like the luminous princess standing fearlessly before the darkish trolls.

Saga’s father Lars-Erik is a cardiologist and her mother Maj was a barrister. When Saga was very young they lived in a beautiful house in Djursholm.

Saga never speaks to anyone about how she was alone at home with her mother on the night she gave up, after a long struggle with cancer that had spread to her brain.

Although she was only seven, she helped her mother take her painkillers and tried to console her. Saga has never been able to forgive her father for leaving the family when her mother was most sick. Unable to endure his faithlessness, she has not met with him since she turned eighteen.

Saga graduated from police high school with very good grades and afterwards received special training at the Security Police. Although her career has been slowed up by sexism and structural unfairness, she is now a superintendent with both investigative and operational responsibility.

Saga has been a boxer at elite level, goes running daily, spars or fights at least twice a week, and keeps her worried mind in check by target-shooting with a pistol or the police’s competition rifle 90.

Saga is in a relationship with Stefan Johansson who plays piano in a jazz band. She lives on Tavastgatan, and drives a Triumph Speed Triple with a dented silencer and a scratched fairing.

She has ended up working with Joona Linna in a number of big investigations. They trust each other utterly and she knows that he respects her and regards her as his sister.