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Joona Linna

Joona Linna is a Detective Superintendent at the police’s National Operations Department.


Joona is tall and muscular as one can only be after decades of hard training, when all the muscle groups, sinews, and ligaments are working in unison. His eyes are grey as polished granite, his cheekbones are high, and his blond hair tousled. He wears a dark suit and a white shirt open at the collar. Usually he carries his heavy Colt Combat in a shoulder holster under his right arm.


Joona’s parents emigrated to Sweden from neighbouring Finland when they were young. Finns constitute the largest group of immigrants in Sweden, and have always been a target of racism and prejudice.

Joona’s father, Yrjö, was a policeman, and his mother Ritva a housewife. When Joona was twelve, his father was killed on duty by a man with a shotgun at a domestic incident. Joona’s mother had no income, their savings ran out, and she and Joona were forced to move out of their house into a one-room flat in a poor suburb. His mother took all the jobs she could get as a stairwell cleaner, and Joona worked every day after school in a wood yard. They had no TV, but his mother borrowed books at the public library, which they read and talked about until late into the nights.

After sixth form, Joona did his military service as a paratrooper, was recruited into Special Operations, and qualified for special training in the Netherlands in mixed close combat, innovative weaponry, and urban guerrilla warfare.

Joona left the military, went to the police academy, and is now an operational superintendent at the National Crime Police in Stockholm. His poor background and Finnish accent make him something of an underdog in society and in the police force – which is why he has learned to walk his own path.

He is a highly skilled crime investigator and his empathic personality gives him the ability to look beyond the image of the perpetrator as monster. He understands those who commit crimes, sees their fear and suffering, and perceives their desperate choices. This is most likely the reason why he has solved more complicated murder cases than any other police officer in Scandinavia.
Despite his unconventional methods, through the years he has gained the respect of his colleagues, and they are all aware of the great tragedy in Joona’s life, this being the loss of his wife Summa and his daughter Lumi.

Ever since this tragedy he has lived a very solitary life, although he has begun a relationship with his friend Disa. But following the loss of his family, Joona has continued to live with a feeling of being doomed to loneliness, and that those who get close to him have to disappear.