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The Fire Witness
(Joona Linna 3)


Chief Inspector Joona Linna has already tarried too long at the scene of the crime. Even so, there is still a great deal he does not understand. Yet. 

The brutal murder of a girl and a female nurse at a care home for young female offenders with social problems, looks nothing like any other murder Linna has investigated. Many things simply do not add up. Why is one girl naked and shielding her eyes with her hands and why was the other victim beaten to death with a stone?

When the clues point to one of the other female inmates being the killer, Joona Linna has already built a picture of how everything fits together. Even so, he realises he needs help if he is to make further progress in the case. 

Each new clue that is discovered leads to a new mystery. Mysteries that even a highly experienced policeman like Joona Linna, cannot solve on his own.

In the midst of everything, a woman keeps calling the police claiming she has been in contact with the dead girl's spirit. Can her help prevent the investigation being put on ice? It is not the first time the police have enlisted a medium to help with their investigations. But so far without success. Will it be any different this time?


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