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The Hypnotist


Joona Linna No. 1

In the frigid clime of Tumba, Sweden, a gruesome triple homicide attracts the interest of Detective Inspector Joona Linna, who demands to investigate the murders. The killer is still at large, and there’s only one surviving witness – the boy whose family was killed before his eyes. Whoever committed the crimes wanted this boy to die: he’s suffered more than one hundred knife wounds and lapsed into a state of shock. Desperate for information, Linna sees only one option: hypnotism. He enlists Dr. Erik Maria Bark to mesmerize the boy, hoping to discover the killer through his eyes.

It’s the sort of work that Bark has sworn he would never do again – ethically dubious and psychically scarring. When he breaks his promise and hypnotizes the victim, a long and terrifying chain of events begins to unfurl.

The No. 1 international bestselling phenomenon, The Hypnotist combines the addictive power of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with the storytelling drive of The Silence of the Lambs. This adrenaline-drenched tour de force is spellbinding from the very first page.

One of TIME Magazine’s “Top 10 Fiction Books of 2011.”
One of the Wall Street Journal’s “Top 10 Mysteries of 2011.”


“Not surprisingly, Lars Kepler is being billed as the successor to Stieg Larsson. But Kepler, actually the pseudonym for a Swedish husband-and-wife writing team, casts a subtler, creepier spell than his countryman. /.../ Kepler has a remarkable feel for physical cruelty, and his ability to delve into a psychotic’s mind is truly shocking. Larsson is destined to have many heirs... Kepler is by far the best. /.../ It’s that good. It’s the hard stuff.”
“A new star enters the firmament of Scandinavian thrillerdom, joining the likes of Larsson, Nesbø and Mankell.”
Kirkus Reviews, US
“Ferocious, visceral storytelling that wraps you in a cloak of darkness that almost blots out the light, but still feeds the imagination. It’s stunning.”
Daily Mail, UK
“All the hallmarks of a classic /.../ Tense, clever and multilayered /.../ This is crime writing at its most devilishly involving.“
Marie Claire, UK
“Incredibly suspenseful and well written.”
WDR5, Germany
“It seems like we have to keep another author in mind: Lars Kepler. With The Hypnotist, he has delivered an amazing debut.”
NDR Kultur, Germany
“A dive into the cold and dark waters of the human mind.”
Público, Portugal
“[A] well written and intensely exciting crime novel, skillfully executed /... / It’s as if I’ve been hypnotized to say: Buy The Hypnotist.”
Verdens Gang, Norway
“The story makes unexpected twists and turns, and is both original and supremely well told.”
Aftenposten, Norway
“The Lars Kepler duo have created a dark and even at times oppressive atmosphere with rapidly alternating scenes and complex but realistic characters, which constitute a superbly crafted drama that culminates in the most unexpected way.”
Diavazo Literary Magazine, Greece