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The Rabbit Hunter


Joona Linna No. 6

Joona Linna has spent two years in a high security prison when he is taken off to attend a secret meeting. The police need his help to stop a mysterious killer who goes by the name of the Rabbit Hunter. The only connection between the victims is that they all hear a child chanting a rhyme about rabbits before the killer strikes. A quirk of fate unexpectedly places celebrity chef Rex Müller at the centre of events. He is about to look after his son Sammy for the first time. But instead of three relaxing weeks, he finds himself in a terrifying fight for survival. Joona Linna and Saga Bauer are forced to work together in secret to put a stop to the Rabbit Hunter before it’s too late.

You never know what fate has in store for you, or what might catch up with you if you don’t start running right now.

Thriller maestro Lars Kepler is back with a new page-turner about Detective Superintendent Joona Linna.

The Rabbit Hunter was the most sold novel in Sweden of 2016, and the most sold crime novel in Norway of 2016.

“Lars Kepler is so skilled that I completely surrender: they start off at full speed and then raise the momentum even more as the vengeful rabbit hunter gains on the protagonists.”
Dagens Nyheter, Sweden
“It is with a pounding pulse and heart in my mouth that I put down Lars Kepler’s latest novel The Rabbit Hunter. The genre, suspense thriller, indicates just how intense a ride this will be. The pauses for breath are few in the company of Detective Inspector Joona Linna. I’m on the edge of my seat right up until the very last page /…/ Lars Kepler writes with a momentum that is at times unbearable. The story takes unexpected turns and with a wink to Sjöwall & Wahlöö it reveals shortcomings with the police that we would rather not know about. The intensity is undiluted, with few breaks in the form of environmental depictions. It’s violent, bloody and completely uninhibited when the serial killer sets off like a target missile.”
Hallandsposten, Sweden
“Brutal, bloody – and intensely suspenseful: Lars Kepler doesn’t write crime novels for weaklings. The Rabbit Hunter is a brilliant thriller for hardcore readers who can take a beating. By combining traditional crime with the breathless intensity of the thriller genre, Kepler has created a success formula of international caliber. /…/ Kepler is a master at letting horror creep into the seemingly harmless. /…/ Kepler writes with a stylistic and genre conscious elegance and intensity that impresses. If you’re fond of crime and suspense, this isn't a novel that you can easily put down. The chapters are short, the shift between scenes effective, and the thrilling cliffhangers frequent. /…/ The most important thing for a suspense novel is that it is suspenseful. And that we believe in and care for the characters that populate the pages. The Rabbit Hunter fulfills both requirements. If you are softhearted, sensitive and easily frightened, this novel is not for you. For us inveterate crime novel readers, Lars Kepler is a delight to read.”
Verdens Gang, Norway