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Joona Linna No. 7

A dead man is found in an apartment in Oslo. The victim transpires to be an unknown grave defiler and trophy collector, and when the police open his kitchen freezer, they make a terrible discovery. A few days later, Joona Linna is contacted by a German police detective who asks for his help with a murder outside Rostock. Joona understands that the pattern he’s starting to see is insane, but at the same time it’s impossible to ignore.

Some would call it a miracle if someone returned from the dead – others would call it a nightmare.

The master of thrillers, Lars Kepler, is back with the seventh installment in the Joona Linna series.


“Very suspenseful until the last page.”
“The seventh installment about Police Detective Joona Linna is insanely thrilling, intense and frightfully well-composed. All the dramatic arcs are ruptured in this chilling thriller. /…/ What a thriller, what a plot – I’m lucky I can still breathe! /…/ Joona Linna is back in great form. /…/ With alternating point of views, the authors cleverly intertwine the threads and allow the pace and plot to weave together with high intensity, ending it all with a nerve-racking crescendo. The craftsmanship is exceptional, making you feel as if you can rest safe in the hands of Lars Kepler, who knows how to construct an atmospheric thriller. Lazarus is written with an almost cinematic precision that lets scenes blend together into a perfect whole. The modern language forms images, creates life and dynamism, and holds the reader in a grip of frightening suspense that increases page by page.”
Lazarus is, just like the earlier novels, cleverly narrated and extremely cinematic. A scene is drawn with just a few sentences and character portraits are continuously delivered in the same effective way. /…/ Fans of Lars Kepler won’t be disappointed.”
“[Lars Kepler] goes all out in this thriller wherein Joona Linna’s worst nightmare becomes reality. /…/ It’s non-stop suspense for the one brave enough to read on and journey into the heart of darkness.”
Lazarus is well-written and suspenseful with a fast pace, lots of action and extreme violence.”
“A raging journey through Kepler’s elevated world. /…/ The engine of the novel kick-starts right away, with a whole lot of horsepower. /…/ When I finish the last sentence of the novel I can’t help but let out a ‘phew’. /…/ This author duo undoubtedly writes considerably better than most in the genre. They establish an elevated, dark, fictional world – and they know how to swiftly and stylishly outline even peripheral characters to make them come to life.”